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the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp
So, Jareth has invited all of you to his masquerade ball. Attendence is mandatory...

Starting on 9-30, everyone will wake up to find that their clothing looks fancier. In fact, it's as if they were going to a formal function. Not only that, but when speaking to others, they will find themselves unable to curse or even raises their voices. In fact, everyone will find themselves acting outrageously polite. All people they speak to must be referred to by their full legal namesand titles and any attmept to use a nickname will result in saying the full name and title. (This is even if you didn't know it in the first place).

On October 2nd, everyone will be called to travel to the palace for the ball. Inside the palace ballroom is basically what you would expect. Grand costumes, delicious food laid out for consumption, wine and more. Many of the golbins dancing are weating human masks

As the clock strikes 13, the Goblin King himself will step out onto a balcony above the ball to address everyone.

What will he say? Who knows.....?


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