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the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp

Dates: October 29th- November 3rd

Halloween Event: This isn't so bad, right? One the 29th, your characters will wake up to find baskets of delicious candy at their feet! Sure, it says it's for the trick or treating goblins, but there's bound to be some left over. All clothing has been changed to Halloween costumes as well, including clothing that had been stored in a closet.

Characters can go trick or treating if they wish, although the treats handed out by goblins are not all entirely edible by human standards...

This is where the tricks come in. If your character refuses to hand out candy when asked, or eats the candy instead of giving it out. They will find themselves subected to a number of unfortunate events. It begins with the spurned goblins pulling fairly standard Halloween pranks, such as leaving flaming bags of dog poo, or wrapping a home in toilet paper. Then things will get strange, it may seem like bad luck at first, tripping, stepping in gum, loosing something from their pocket, but it will get increasingly worse and more dangerous as the event wears on. By the end, accidents may be fatal; ceilings could collapse, and cleaners might show up around any corner.


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