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Meme Time!
the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp

Voo Doo Doll Meme

  1. Post with your character

    2. Whomever responds will have a voodoo doll of your character

    3. Whatever happens to the voodoo doll will feel like it is happening to your character

    4. Have fun!

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[Guess who found a voodoo doll of you, Yujinn? She's randomly throwing it up in the air and catching it out of boredom.]

[Woah woah, that feels weird, where is it coming from?]

[No idea, but now she's playing with the hair of the doll now.]

[Hey, someone's undoing his braid! Stop tugging!]

[She doesn't notice this, but she's messing with it]

Hey, what are you doing! [He's trying to get her to stop tugging]

[She finally notices you, Yujinn.]

Oh, hey Yujinn. Look what I found!

Ishtar, are you pulling that doll's hair? [Looking very frazzled]

Sweet! What kind of magic. [Plotting now...]

Something is pulling my hair...

Oh, that's weird. [That doesn't make her stop though.]

Ow! [His hair is being pulled in all directions now.]

What's your problem? [She dropped his hair now.]

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