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Meme Time!
the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp

Voo Doo Doll Meme

  1. Post with your character

    2. Whomever responds will have a voodoo doll of your character

    3. Whatever happens to the voodoo doll will feel like it is happening to your character

    4. Have fun!

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[She looks at the doll of him with a light frown on her face. Weird, she doesn't remember having one of these? She turns it around in her hands before raising one arm, then carefully removing it's jacket. Weird, it's like a real little doll.]

[And up goes one arm. Oh... Now his jacket is off. What the hell?]

[She dangles the doll by one leg before poking it in the chest with her finger.

After a few moments of poking she pauses and decides to toss it into a trash pile. She really doesn't have time for these sort of dolls. She needs to get back to school.]

[And now after being dangled and poked, he's walking on as he's taking trash off of him. Where'd his coat go?!]

[She pauses, seeing Tamaki standing there looking confused and forlorn.]


[Psst! She's standing on his coat.]

[Was that...? Haruhi? She was here?]

[He wants to go to her like he always did but... It wasn't that simple. He thought about his situation back home and then frowned slightly. Really, he was glad to see her, but at the same time, he wasn't sure if he was ready to.]

[But it was Haruhi! Honestly, he wasn't sure what to feel about her lately. He did know she was better off back home.]


[He didn't say that with as much enthusiasm as he usually would have.]

[And then he notices the coat.]

Ah! My coat!

[She didn't noticed his change, or if she did she had assumed it had everything to do with being in this weird place. As she shuffled back and forth she ground his coat into the ground by accident.]


[Now she noticed the coat. Stepping off it with a frown. Why was sempai stripping in a place like this?]

My coat was randomly taking off me for some reason...

[Staring at the dirty coat now.]

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