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Meme Time!
the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp

Voo Doo Doll Meme

  1. Post with your character

    2. Whomever responds will have a voodoo doll of your character

    3. Whatever happens to the voodoo doll will feel like it is happening to your character

    4. Have fun!

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[He's flailing now.]

Don't do that! Help!

[Yujinn gives him a cute look]

You don't think I look attractive?

I- Well... That--

That's not the point!

Really? [Looks reeeaaallly cute]

[Oh god... What did he get himself into?]

That's okay, I'll give you the doll. [Hands it over, but can't resist running his thumb over the back.]

[He swiped it away, cringing a little.]

Did you know, every movement that you make is graceful?

Tamaki's famous mood swings are a go!

[And just like that he's host like]

Of course it is! I'm a gentleman, after all.

Gasp, roses everywhere!

I can see that. It seems to radiate off of you.

Yes! You noticed!

It's every host's duty to make every woman happy!

[Although... He wasn't that into it lately. Recent events did that to him. Old habits died hard.]

Edited at 2011-09-02 06:45 am (UTC)

Every woman in the world?

Oh, but I'm not a woman, I guess I'm just bothering you.

That's right!

... Ah... No just.... [He just finds his flirting towards the boy awkward.]

[He just grins.]

[Fff, he flirted with Boy-Haruhi!]

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