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Meme Time!
the_pathmaker wrote in labyrinth_rp

Voo Doo Doll Meme

  1. Post with your character

    2. Whomever responds will have a voodoo doll of your character

    3. Whatever happens to the voodoo doll will feel like it is happening to your character

    4. Have fun!

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[And then he notices the coat.]

Ah! My coat!

[She didn't noticed his change, or if she did she had assumed it had everything to do with being in this weird place. As she shuffled back and forth she ground his coat into the ground by accident.]


[Now she noticed the coat. Stepping off it with a frown. Why was sempai stripping in a place like this?]

My coat was randomly taking off me for some reason...

[Staring at the dirty coat now.]

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